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In alignment with the vision for Auroville, Yoga Center Amherst aspires to be a sanctuary for inner and outer explorations into the nature of freedom, human unity, and the expansion of consciousness.

Yoga is a vast and multidimensional science of unity, and we offer opportunities to engage with yoga in its many forms. Asana and pranayama classes, meditation, kirtan, study groups, and service projects allow practitioners and seekers to support health, well-being, the expansion of consciousness, and individual and collective freedom, joining matter and spirit as one.  Living a life divine, uniting the sacred in the everyday human life is what we aspire to.


We are also the home of Embodyoga®, which unites body, mind, and spirit by actively bringing the consciousness into the body as we move through traditional yoga postures (asana) and breath practices (pranayama). Embodyoga® was and continues to be developed by Patty Townsend, who teaches daily classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.


Corinne & Matthew

We are sincerely honored to hold and support such a vibrant and committed community of yoga practitioners.  We met in 2000 at UMASS Amherst, and have shared a passion for yoga in all of its many forms since 1998. In addition to our love, practice and teaching of Embodyoga® with Patty Townsend, we’ve studied together with Baba Hari Das, connected deeply to Amma, received years of direct and intimate spiritual support from Julie of Light Omega, and traveled to Auroville and other places in India, where a profound relationship with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother emerged and continues to develop.  All these streams flow together and inform our approach to stewardship of Yoga Center Amherst.

We believe that yoga involves a progressive seeking, a process of growth toward wholeness that is not confined to human effort, but present throughout the natural world and the cosmos as well.  Our practice interweaves aspiration and exploration with surrender to these natural evolutionary forces through which the Divine seeks union with Itself.  In asana classes we invite you to feel and embody the living presence of the Divine and live a life of true unity consciousness – the essence of Yoga.  Whether you feel called to join us in weekly classes, teacher trainings or guided trips to India, we very much look forward to connecting with all seekers and sharing the inner pilgrimage of yoga.

The circle of yoga spirals into the other things we love, which includes: music, dancing, kirtan/chanting, gardening, traveling to sacred sites, and hiking in the woods with our two amazing kids Arin David and Irina Sophia and our sweet dog Asha.

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