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“An opportunity to heal through the body-mind connection.”

Luisa Galindo, 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training Class of 2016.

I took this training because I wanted to understand better the relationship between body and mind. For me, sports were always a way of feeling better and empowered. For most of my life, I used the energy drawn from sports activities to be creative, productive, efficient with my work, and happy in general. But after years of working non-stop and pushing myself to the limit, I pulled both my hamstrings, and I was forced to stop exercising for two long years. Every attempt to go out for a short run or even an easy hike with friends would result in inevitable damage to my tender tissues. I couldn’t even walk upstairs without feeling that I was hurting myself. The lack of physical activity started to affect my mood and self-esteem, and I was afraid that I would not be able to do what I used to.

Consequently, I started attending Patty’s and Corinne’s gentle classes, instead of the strenuous ones. I used to ask Patty questions about the weird things she said during her classes–things like the “tail,” the “pit of the belly,” the “mesentery,” “space,” etc. After giving it a good thought, I decided that I needed to know more about these things, and that I needed to take the 200-hour Embodyoga® teacher training.

Through one of the most time-crushing moments of my life, I devoted an important amount of my time to the exploration of the multiple dimensions of my being. The training opened multiple possibilities for understanding the whole universe inside of me. Some months after I started the training, I noticed that my attitude towards multiple things in my life was changing, things that I had not noticed before.

Thanks to the love and support of Corinne and Patty, two amazing and spiritual leaders, to the crew of lovely assistants that were with us during the training, and to Matthew’s teachings, I was able to learn one of the most important lessons of my life: that all we need for living plentiful lives in this world lays inside of our bodies. Through the regular practice of Embodyoga®, we become more receptive, but through the Embodyoga® teacher training, we learn why and how it happens, where the support comes from, and as we grow deeper in ourselves, we gain access to the subtleties of our moving bodies.

Throughout the entire 9 months, there was no single day in which I felt alone, lost, or unsupported. Every time I had a question, there were at least 10 hands to help me figure things out. This space was the perfect niche for healing, for understanding where all my feelings and ideas come from, and how all that is related to my body and to the way I move and breathe. All the effort was very worth this life experience.

Learn more and register for a 2018 teacher training here.

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