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4 Saturdays
At the White Barn Studio

September 23
November 18
Katherine Tancredi

October 21
December 9
Onatah Stoll


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Here’s your chance to explore some basic postures and sequences with guidance from a senior Embodyoga® teacher.

There are so may layers of nuance to every yoga posture. And the Embodyoga® movement principles deepen the field of exploration even more. In regular classes there’s often not time to slow down and really explore postures, or stop and ask a teacher a question about something they’ve said. This series of clinics is meant to create that space.

All of these clinics will take place at the White Barn Studio at 20 Dickinson Street in Amherst.

September 23 – Downward Dog with Katherine Tancredi

Do you find Downward Facing Dog difficult, uncomfortable or laugh at the idea that it can be a resting pose? Adho Mukha Svanasana, or Downward-Facing Dog, is one of the most emblematic yoga asana but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to do. It is actually a very complex posture that is woven into classes as a strengthening pose, a transition pose, or a resting pose. In this asana clinic we will break down the essential parts of the pose and locate the Embodyoga® support templates, strategies, tips and modifications to make it useful, easy, fun and safe for each student’s particular needs. Suitable for all levels.

October 21 – Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) Deconstructed with Onatah Stoll

Sun Salutations show up in many Yoga Asana classes. This is a clinic to break down this sequence so you have time to embody the movements and also the purpose and healing of Surya Namaskar. This sequence is a beautiful foundation for practice as it tones the nervous system and warms the bodymind to go deeper into our awareness of who we are. Open to all levels.

November 18 – Modifications and Support for Wrists and Knees with Katherine Tancredi

Many yoga practitioners experience frustration during class because of knee or wrist discomfort. To safely and effectively practice yoga asana wrists and knees require knowledge of proper alignment and effective supports. Learn how to protect your wrists and knees by learning alignment tips, using props and employing modifications tailored to each student’s particular needs. When performed mindfully yoga asana can help strengthen wrists and knees. Suitable for all levels.

December 9 – Virabhadrasana I, II and Utthita Trikonasana (Warrior I, Warrior II and Triangle Pose) with Onatah Stoll

All three of these are common movements we make in Yoga and are a strong foundation of standing postures. This is an in depth look into the alignment of each and how they help to balance stability and mobility through the bodymind. All levels are welcome.


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