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2 Saturdays
At Yoga Center Amherst

April 7
Patty Townsend

May 26
Katherine Tancredi

12:00 – 1:30pm

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Here’s your chance to explore some basic postures and sequences with guidance from a senior Embodyoga® teacher.

There are so may layers of nuance to every yoga posture. And the Embodyoga® movement principles deepen the field of exploration even more. In regular classes there’s often not time to slow down and really explore postures, or stop and ask a teacher a question about something they’ve said. This series of clinics is meant to create that space.

All of these clinics will take place at YCA.

April 7 – Shoulder Stand and Dolphin to Head Stand with Patty Townsend

Learn to practice inversions safely and comfortably! Getting ourselves upside down is deeply healing and nourishing. Lymph flow improves immune function, and the movement of the venous blood supports circulation, promotes clear thinking, and overall prana flow.

May 26 – Modifications and Support for  Knees with Katherine Tancredi

Many yoga practitioners experience frustration during class because of knee discomfort. To safely and effectively practice yoga asana in a way that’s safe for our knees, we need to understand proper alignment and effective supports. Learn how to protect your knees by learning alignment tips, using props and employing modifications tailored to each student’s particular needs. Suitable for all levels.

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