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3 Saturdays
September 30th
November 4th
December 2nd

9:30am – 12:00pm

at The Barn Studio,
20 Dickinson Street Amherst

Jacoby Ballard

YCA members $35 each or $90 for the series
Nonmembers $40 each or $100 for the series

Our communities are in a lot of pain and grief right now, and our communities need us.

As yogis, we are well-positioned to respond to that pain skillfully, in a way that connects rather than separates, that takes responsibility rather than blaming or shaming, in a manner that is grounded in love and truth.

With these three workshops, take an in-town retreat to consider how you are showing up in your life, and learn or further your skills and practices in compassion and forgiveness, allowing you time and space to reflect, process, and affirm your purpose — both small and grand.

Cultivating Equanimity in Dramatic Times

September 30th – 9:30am-12pm – The Barn Studio, 20 Dickinson Street in Amherst

Have you been thrown off balance in the past 8 months? It can seem that every day there is something else dramatic to deal with, from police shootings and acquittals to the defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts. Come take refuge in the exploration of the Buddhist practice of Equanimity, the capacity to accept things as they are, so that we can show up with compassion, patience, presence, and determination for the next moment. We will explore Equanimity through asana, meditation, personal reflection, and discussion.
Compassion and Forgiveness

November 4th – 9:30am-12pm – The Barn Studio, 20 Dickinson Street in Amherst

The practice of Karuna, or Compassion, is the practice of greeting pain with empathy, understanding, and connection. Khama, or Forgiveness practice, allows us to examine the ways in which we have hurt and been hurt, and creates freedom from the gravity of this pain, while honoring the wisdom from those personal, collective, and ancestral wounds. Through asana, meditation, discussion, and journaling, we will explore our heartbreak and our resilience, individually and collectively.

Wise Speech

December 2nd – 9:30am-12pm – The Barn Studio, 20 Dickinson Street in Amherst

The Buddha taught Wise Speech as an aspect of the 8-Fold Path, a practice in the aspiration of liberation. The current political times call upon our deepest spiritual commitments to remain grounded when the unthinkable occurs, to keep our hearts open and speak from that place regardless of the aggression coming at us. Come practice Wise Speech through silence, meditation, discussion, and personal reflection. Note: there is no asana in this workshop.


Jacoby Ballard E-RYT 500 has been teaching yoga for 16 years and practicing western herbalism for 12 years. He is the co-founder of Third Root Community Health Center, a worker-owned cooperative holistic health center in Brooklyn that opened in 2008 where he co-directed the Yoga program, Herbal Education Program, and Buddhist Studies program. He also co-founded Bending Towards Justice, which conducts diversity trainings for yoga teachers around the country led by a pair skilled yoga teachers and social justice facilitators. Jacoby is Faculty with Off the Mat, Into the World and on the Advisory Board of the Yoga Service Council, working within the dynamic interstices of justice and mindfulness. He has taught in colleges, hospitals, schools, corporate and non-profit offices, gyms, homeless shelters, recovery centers, and in a maximum security prison, applying yoga and mindfulness techniques to heal trauma and create healthy communities.  His teaching style is playful and deep, gentle and challenging.

Jacoby received his 200-hour certification at Kashi Atlanta Ashram in 2004, and his 500-hour certification from Kripalu in 2010. In 2015 he received a “Game Changer” Award from Seane Corn and Yoga Journal, and in 2016 received a “Good Karma” award for his work within queer and trans communities. More at

Class Level

(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced

Class Pace

(G) Gentle—an easy, soft balancing & relaxing class
(M) Moderate—accessible, enjoyable well-balanced workout
(V) Vigorous—a satisfying workout with a faster pace

Class levels and pacing are guidelines only. We recommend that each student work at their own level at all times.

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