Friday May 26th
Julie of Light Omega

By Donation

Recordings of Julie’s prior talks at Yoga Center Amherst are available for download with a $5 donation by clicking here– once on the page, click ‘multimedia’ in the top bar.

Streams of the Divine Mother flow through life.

They come through the Earth as the spirit within all things and the sacredness of all creatures.  They come through the cosmos as our relationship with the planetary bodies and with the Universe itself. They come through time, manifesting as the principle of unfoldment within each of us individually and within the world as a whole. The Divine Mother is the Unity of Life.

This evening with Julie will be a blend of talk and meditation, with the goal of imparting an experience of the Divine energy that creates oneness.

Julie’s being radiates an energy of spiritual light that awakens the inner heart and invites the soul to join more fully with the embodied self. This energy cannot be comprehended by the rational and separative mind, but it can be felt by the radiating awareness that animates and permeates each of us.

Corinne and Matthew have experienced the blessing of Julie’s love and guidance for nearly 15 years. Our relationship with her has awakened in us a calling to join all aspects of our lives, to place Love and the Source of Yoga at the center of our lives and let our thoughts, plans, and actions grow organically from this center.

Julie of Light Omega is a guide to the experience of Divine Oneness in everyday life, which includes all moments, all actions, and all relationships.  Her offerings are not meditations and not talks, but something that combines the two, uniting meditation with teaching, with darshan – the offering of Divine blessing.  More information about Julie and Light Omega can be found here.