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10:15-11:45am (V•2,3)
Corinne Andrews

9:00-10:15am (MV•1,2,3)
Corinne Andrews

5:30-6:45pm (MV•1,2,3)
Onatah/Brittany Stoll

5:30-6:45pm (MV•2,3)

Onatah/Brittany Stoll

Embodied Inquiry™ meets Vinyasa Yoga

These classes infuse the inner-orienting and alignment cues of Embodyoga® into fluid, satisfying, intelligent sequences that align depth of breath, body, and spirit. Experience vinyasa yoga from the inside out, prana flow leading the way and leave feeling grounded, invigorated, and clear.  Recorded or live music is sometimes played in these classes to support practitioners in connecting spirit and matter within the body and settling into an inner place of love and devotion finding the place of union/yoga within.

Class Level

(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced

Class Pace

(G) Gentle—an easy, soft balancing & relaxing class
(M) Moderate—accessible, enjoyable well-balanced workout
(V) Vigorous—a satisfying workout with a faster pace

Class levels and pacing are guidelines only. We recommend that each student work at their own level at all times.

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