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5 Sunday Workshops
10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Patty Townsend

$100 for YCA members
$125 for Nonmembers
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Embodyoga® | On-going Training and Healing Modalities for Yoga Teachers

In this series of workshops you will develop your capacity to support your students and private clients in deepening their own practice, building strength and dynamism safely, and navigating their healing process.

The workshops will take place on Sundays from 10-4 with an hour break from 1-2, and will take place on the following dates:

5 Sundays

  1. October 30th 2016– Thoracic Region and Upper Limbs | From Heart to Hands
  2. February 5th 2017– Pelvic Region and Lower Limbs | From Pit-of-Belly to the Feet
  3. April 30th 2017– The Sacroiliac Joints, the Pubic Disc, and the Lower Back
  4. July 9th 2017– Whole Body Integration and the Light Bright Fascial Weave
  5. October 22nd 2017– TBD

Workshop #4 – Sunday July 9th
Whole Body Integration and the Light Bright Fascial Weave

Fascia is the unifying matrix of connective tissue that integrates and forms the support of everything in the body. It is the very fabric of our form—an uninterrupted intelligent, viscous, and elastic tissue that surrounds and penetrates all body structures from head to toe. Integrating movement through the entire fascial matrix is a key to relieving pressure in joints and muscles, and brings light into all the body structures.

Using yoga as the form, we will explore the levity, gravity, and embodied-tensegrity that is the nature of this glorious fluid-body structure. We will experience directly how this method of integrating movement through the entire body supports rehabilitative and therapeutic approaches in asana.

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