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Saturday, 8/26


with Jai Fuller and Durga

Before August 20th:

Single Pass $30   Family Pass $80

After August 20th:

Single Pass $35     Family Pass $85


This fun workshop is designed to relax, energize, and engage children in cultivating awareness and shining their light.   Learn and practice Kundalini yoga-inspired techniques for tuning in using breath, postures, relaxation, meditation and intuition. Learn about kirtan and practice to de-stress your body, calm your mind and open your heart.

Family members of all ages are welcome. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The program is geared for children ages 5 and up. No prior experience is needed.

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Jai teaches yoga to children for spiritual development and well-being.  She is a lifelong Kundalini yogi who directs and teaches for holistic children’s programsJai is a licensed Childcare Provider and a certified Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RYT, RPYT).  She teaches ballet, modern and West African dance to people of all ages.

Durga leads kirtan and trains people of all ages to relax and empower consciousness for spiritual development and well-being. She has practiced yoga for 30 years. Durga holds a BA in Child Development and is licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach. She is a certified coach in Biofeedback, Stress & Pain Management and Quantum Health.

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