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6:45pm-8:00pm (MV•1,2,3)
SiriNam Singh Khalsa

Kundalini yoga classes are rooted in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga classes draw on a vast pool of yogic asanas (postures), mudras, pranayama (powerful breathing techniques), chanting, and meditation to bring about quick, positive transformation in body, mind and spirit. Each class addresses specific areas of mental/physical growth and balance, as well as giving a general replenishment of the spiritual self.

Class Level

(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced

Class Pace

(G) Gentle—an easy, soft balancing & relaxing class
(M) Moderate—accessible, enjoyable well-balanced workout
(V) Vigorous—a satisfying workout with a faster pace

Class levels and pacing are guidelines only. We recommend that each student work at their own level at all times.

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