Starts October 11

Michele Miller

$50/month includes mindfulness app
and weekly classes at YCA

Mindful Eating integrates mindful practices with the science behind eating habits and weekly in-person group education and discussion sessions.

Throughout the week you will be guided in short, daily mindfulness trainings via an app on your mobile device.  Then, once a week on Tuesday afternoons, you will meet in-person at Yoga Center Amherst in a facilitated session with a group of peers to practice, discuss challenges and celebrate learnings and outcomes.  You may attend class every week or as your schedule allows.  This is a rolling-admissions program.

As part of the mindfulness training, you will learn the scientific basis of how we form eating habits, and how we can use this knowledge to change them. You will also learn concrete mindfulness skills to help you become more aware of and gain control over your eating, and how to use them on your own time, at your convenience and pace.

App-based mindfulness training and practice

Dr. Judson Brewer, course instructor and world-renowned expert on addiction has developed Eat Right Now®, an App that delivers mindfulness training right at your fingertips. The digital therapeutic app delivers over 30 short video modules, along with in-the-moment exercises, allowing you to build your skills one moment at a time. By taking 10 minutes each day to complete a new lesson, you will learn how to put it into practice throughout the day in manageable, bite-sized pieces. Participants will need to have an iPhone or Android smartphone to participate in Mindful Eating.

Group-based learning & support

(Please Note:  Mindful Eating classes occur in-person at YCA, this is not an online class.)
Studies have shown that group-based learning and support helps change habits. Led by Michele Miller, Guiding Teacher at Amherst Mindfulness, the Mindful Eating group meets weekly at Yoga Center Amherst. Each session provides hands-on mindfulness practices, as well as expert and peer support as you go through the process of changing your relationship to eating.  You will combine mindfulness skills training with the Eat Right Now® app to transform your behavior and relationship to eating.

Learn about:

  • How we form habits
  • How to work with cravings
  • How to use mindfulness when you eat
  • Stress vs. hunger
  • Goals and staying on track when you slip up
  • Coping with triggers
  • Working with difficult emotions
  • Mindfulness skills
  • How mindfulness works
Michele Miller of Amherst Mindfulness

Michele has recently transitioned from her career of 13 years as a real estate developer and property manager to pursue work as a Mindfulness teacher. She completed the MBSR practicum at UMass Medical Center, Center for Mindfulness and is currently receiving mentorship from Diane Reibel through the UC San Diego, Center for Mindfulness. In addition to her training in MBSR, she is currently apprenticing under Judson Brewer, Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness, UMASS Medical School, training to become a facilitator of his Mindful Eating program. In December, Michele will begin training to teach Mindful Self-Compassion.

Mindfulness has transformed Michele’s life and she is very grateful for the opportunity to introduce these practices to others. She has a daily meditation practice and spends 15-20 days in silence per year. Along with Mindfulness, Michele has a strong interest in concepts that relate to energy, intuition, and spiritual connection and is currently doing some experiential work in these areas. She lives with her two children in Amherst.