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Saturday May 12th
1:00 – 5:00pm
Sam Wilde

$50 for YCA members
$60 for nonmembers

Mothering is hard work for the body, for the mind and for the heart.

Take a total rest from the labor of mothering and be replenished by an enlivening, deeply restful, connecting, heart-untangling retreat. We’ll use yoga to meet our exhaustion, our ongoing hunger for a rich identity as women and mothers, and our desire to nurture and be nurtured. Yoga postures help move our energy; breath work brings us into our emotions, chanting brings us together with one another and deep relaxation reminds of that we have enough space, time and strength to meet the demands of our lives. Come away! And get together! A gathering of mothers is a powerful community and yoga is a magical way to move out of our own way and feel the grace and care of “The Divine Mother.”

This class is for all kinds of mothers at all different stages in their mothering. No yoga experience is necessary.

Sam Wilde began practicing yoga before she turned ten. She is the mother of four, a Kripalu yoga teacher of twenty years (almost), a minister, a novelist, and a cheerleader for other mothers. (You can do it! is the basic chant.) She draws from the wisdom of the yogic path, infusing the very hard work of mothering with spiritual depth and purpose, and connecting women with practical, grounded ways to feel more ease in mothering, less isolation, and have more fun. Over the years she has taught thousands of yoga classes and loves to see the healing powers of the practice at work in her students lives.

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