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7:15-8:30pm (G•1,2,3)

Teresa Lorenco

4:00-5:00pm (G•1,2,3)

Brenna Werme

In Restorative Yoga, you’ll use blankets, bolsters, and blocks to support your body while you unwind, relax, and surrender into easy and gentle postures.

You’ll hold the postures long enough to allow maximum release of tension, restore and replenish your deep reservoirs of vitality, and balance your nervous system.

Don’t be surprised if your sleep deeper after Restorative Yoga, and feel more refreshed and alive throughout your days.  You may also notice improvements in any stress-related ailments.

Class Level

(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced

Class Pace

(G) Gentle—an easy, soft balancing & relaxing class
(M) Moderate—accessible, enjoyable well-balanced workout
(V) Vigorous—a satisfying workout with a faster pace

Class levels and pacing are guidelines only. We recommend that each student work at their own level at all times.

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