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Shambhala Sept 12-7, Mon Sep 12, 2011, 12:34:19 PM, 16C, 8000x10658,  (0+0), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/30 s, R35.1, G7.2, B20.1

Saturday September 9th
Lezlie Frye
nisha ahuja


Yoga teachers are asked to hold space for students’ bodies, hearts, and souls, and that takes time, intention, and practice.

Traditionally, assuming this role involved a lifetime of work and study. Today yoga teaching can be a part time job, but there are consequences to only bringing part of ourselves to the role. This training will scratch the surface of a deep reality – that we all come from different upbringings, communities, values, and life philosophies and bring this into how we teach yoga. Becoming increasingly aware of this, we step more clearly into our authentic selves, which allows our students to step bravely into themselves.

This training will draw on the limitless possibility of yoga for practicing justice, for transforming our relationships to privilege and oppression, and for redistributing power and leadership in healing the suffering our communities are facing.

nisha ahuja shares Attmic Energy Healing, Reiki and Yogic Medicine and is also an actor, physical theatre creator, writer, singer/songwriter, and arts educator having performed and created classical, contemporary, and original work in Canada, the Netherlands, and India. She is dedicated to dissolving the boundaries between art, traditional/ancient medicines, spirituality, and politics. As a medicine sharer nisha extends immense gratitude to the many teachers and guides through her journey. She has been studying yoga and meditation since she was a child and more intensively since 1999. Her journey into energy work sprouted from there and she had been publicly sharing yoga, meditation, sound meditation, reiki, and energy work based in Vedic and Ayurvedic principles since 2012.

Lezlie Frye is a yoga teacher, political educator, poet and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She seeks to offer inviting, accessible instruction to people of all bodies, capacities, and experience and commits to ongoing learning in this area. Working from an awareness of how yoga circulates unevenly in the US, often in ways that contrast starkly from its origins and current practice in India, Lezlie seeks to tread softly and humbly in practicing these sacred traditions.

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