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Saturday May 13th from 2-5pm
Sunday May 14th from 10-1pm
Karen Miscall-Bannon

Both Days:
$85 for YCA members
$100 for Nonmembers

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Single Day Only:
$45 for YCA members
$55 for Nonmembers

Our deepest and most powerful core strength comes not from hardness, but from softness.

Our notion of abdominal strength often is confused with having tight, hard abdominal muscles.  By orienting ourselves to a core that is more than just muscular, we explore the ability to support ourselves in your yoga practice and our lives, accessing deep internal supports including the breath,  our organs, diaphragms, fascia, as well as the muscles – all working in relationship. We will learn the lightness that is afforded us with intentional practice and awareness.


Karen Miscall Bannon is a senior Embodyoga® teacher with a wealth of teaching experience from her yoga practice of 30 years. She has taught classes and workshops and led teacher trainings on the east coast and is now in CA, where she teaches classes and leads both 200-hour and 300-hour trainings, as well as leading workshops, trainings, and teaching in retreats around the world.  Come explore this unique and integrating approach to practice.

Class Level

(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced

Class Pace

(G) Gentle—an easy, soft balancing & relaxing class
(M) Moderate—accessible, enjoyable well-balanced workout
(V) Vigorous—a satisfying workout with a faster pace

Class levels and pacing are guidelines only. We recommend that each student work at their own level at all times.

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