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“The best thing I have ever done.”

Lexi Allaway, 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training Class of 2017.

The 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training is the best thing I have ever done. I chose this training over others based on instinct. I took one of Corinne Andrews’s classes and was in awe at her ability to connect so many layers of yoga and human existence into one class. Being in her class, I felt like I was hearing a sacred, forgotten language, stimulating an awareness that began to heal parts of myself I didn’t realize were suffering. I am so grateful for the way she holds space and demonstrates the deepest levels of compassion and grace as a facilitator and teacher.

This teacher training called to me because I was hungry for a yogic education that had an authentic foundation. Embodyoga® beautifully integrates the artistry of human anatomy and the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy, which is tactfully woven into study and practice. I truly believe Patty Townsend’s work is unmatched by any other curriculum–the training took me into my body, through my anatomy and into the seed of my soul, and fully liberated me with a new understanding and appreciation of life. This training offers a comprehensive education and the possibility of life-changing discoveries within the body-mind of each yogi who steps into this stream of divine love and wisdom.

Learn more and register for a 2018 teacher training here.

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