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7:00pm-8:00pm (ALL)
Matthew Andrews

This class will cost 1/2 of a credit.

“The Truth cannot be formulated, it cannot be defined – it is to be lived.” – The Mother

What is yoga?  Where does it come from? What are its deepest and most fundamental aspects? What relevance do the ancient teachings of yoga have for our us living in the modern West?

This weekly class will be an experiential inquiry into yoga’s foundational past and multidimensional evolution from ancient India to the modern West. We’ll explore how yoga sadhana can enrich and deepen our lives, as well as the implications of the cosmology laid out in the ancient yogic texts.  And we’ll seek the relevance of yoga to our daily lives, seeking within our own hearts for the Heart of Yoga.

All are welcome, no previous experience with any form of yoga is required. Classes may include readings of yogic texts and poetry, dharma talks, chanting, kirtan, guided meditation, and more.

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