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Payment Details

100-hour In-Depth Training program (2 Modules): $1,700
An $800 deposit will save your place in the 100-hour program.

  • The 100-hour program must be taken in its entirety.
  • Payment in full is due one month prior to the start of the program.

200-hour Teacher Training program (4 Modules): $3,000
An $800 deposit will save your place in the 200-hour program.

  • $3,000 (if paid in full by the start of the program) or $800 per Module (with deposit applied to module 4).
  • We do ask that it be your intention to take the course in its entirety. However, it is possible to pay module by module.
  • Payment is due one month prior to the start of each Module.

300-hour Teacher Training program (4 Modules): $3,500
A $1,000 deposit secures this price and your enrollment in all 4 Modules.

  • Payment is due one month prior to the start of each Module.
  • Modules 1 – 3 must be completed before attending Module 4.
  • It is highly recommended that you take this program in its entirety. However, Modules may be taken independently.
  • $3,500 (if paid in full by the start of the program) or $1,000 per Module (with deposit applied to module 4).

Birthing Mama® 90-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training: $1,500
$300 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot in this training

  • $1,500 for full training
  • Includes Manual in binder form
  • Includes discount code for online Birthing Mama® program
  • Required Reading must be purchased separately

Partial scholarships may be available.
Complete an application to inquire >

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Upon receiving your deposit we will mail you a questionnaire regarding your yoga history and your interest in our program. When we have received and reviewed your completed questionnaire, we will email with final confirmation of your acceptance into the course.


Deposits are nonrefundable after your acceptance in the course has been confirmed. No other refunds will be given after the start of the course.


Homework includes up to 2 hours of reading for each weekend, home practice and an occasional short written report.


Attendance in, or observation of, a total of 8 additional classes taught by course leader or other 500-hour registered Embodyoga® Teachers is required for graduation.


Attendance in one advanced study workshop is required for each participant in the 200 and 300-hour teacher training programs. For 2016, the required workshop will be announced.


  • It is permissible to miss a total of 1 weekend out of the whole program. You are responsible for the information that you miss.
  • Any further missed weekends must be made up in private session with faculty or by other special arrangement.
  • Consistent classroom participation and successful completion of assigned reading.
  • Demonstration of understanding, incorporation & competence in principles presented in the program.
  • Demonstration of ability to present principles to students of varying levels and abilities.
  • Documentation of 100 hours of teaching experience – utilizing concepts and principles presented in this program


  • Attend all training weekends – you may miss one day and still receive certification
  • Each month during the training you must observe and write a reflection of one class and assist one class (for a total of 5 observations and 5 assists) comprised of a mix of prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.
  • Practice teach in training
  • Practice teach 3 different 1 – 1.5 hr classes to one or more pregnant women and turn in your written class plan with comments about how the classes went
  • Complete Reading Assignments
  • To teach public prenatal yoga classes, you must also have a 200-Hr Certification

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