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100-Hour In-Depth Study

100-Hour In-Depth Study

A gateway to personal transformation designed to significantly deepen practice, understanding and experience for students and teachers of all traditions.

200-Hour Teacher Training

200-Hour Teacher Training

A well-rounded, in-depth study of yoga with an emphasis on personal embodiment as the basis for becoming a yoga teacher.

300-Hour Teacher Training

300-Hour Teacher Training

This program builds on the foundation of the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program providing an additional 300 hours of study.

Prenatal Teacher Training

Prenatal Teacher Training

This training will prepare yoga teachers in body, mind and spirit how to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

An innovative and exciting approach to the study of yoga.

Steeped in ancient wisdom and informed by cutting-edge study in the field of body-awareness, EMBODYOGA® introduces us to “embodied-inquiry” techniques that invite us deeper into ourselves.

Embodied-inquiry is a methodical practice for experiencing directly — through sensing, feeling and witnessing — every aspect of intelligence and clarity as it expresses through us.  The embodied-inquiry techniques of EMBODYOGA® blend with our practice of asana, pranayama and meditation giving rise to intimate self-knowledge. Self-knowledge breeds acceptance, contentment and love; insight and inspiration flow spontaneously.



Patty Townsend, developer of the EMBODYOGA® programs, brings decades of serious study with the major teachers of our time to this rich curriculum.  Over the last 35 years, Patty has absorbed and synthesized information and wisdom from the major schools of yoga in the west today.  In 1999 Patty was introduced to Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of the School for Body-Mind-Centering® and in the first moment realized that this was the future direction of yoga in the 21st century.

The radical concept of full-embodiment as the key to deepening awareness was as stunning as it was obvious.  Bonnie, a brilliant innovator and pioneer in the field of consciousness, has introduced us to techniques and practices for experiencing directly, the finest aspects of this miraculous system that we know and inhabit as “our bodies”. Since her first meeting with Bonnie, Patty has immersed herself in this study and especially into the intimate way that fully inhabiting our body-mind-system informs the depth and evolution of our yoga practice.

Our EMBODYOGA® programs are a gateway to personal transformation designed to significantly deepen practice, understanding and experience in yoga. Join us for a profound inner journey — carefully sculpted through honesty and love in an atmosphere of community and support.

EMBODYOGA® teacher training program is registered with the National Yoga Alliance

Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga & Wellness

Birthing Mama® provides valuable educational experiences in prenatal yoga and wellness for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and childbirth educators.

  • 20 CEU’s through Yoga Alliance for completing the online program
  • 30-hour online Teacher Workshop with Amy Wright Glenn
  • 90-hour Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training
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