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“Yoga invites me to see and honor everything around me.”

Victoria Jusme, 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training Class of 2017.

Simultaneous to deciding to pursue the 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Center Amherst, I began my journey of exploring my faith and reconnecting with God. In the eleven months that I spent practicing, delving deeper into Embodyoga®, my body, and yogic philosophy, I also became dedicated to Bible study, settled on a church home, and found myself ending my meditation sessions by praying. I asked myself whether both of these important aspects of my life could coexist, or whether I had to choose between my faith and my practice.

The answer came to me the best way possible. Four days before the training came to a close, I had to observe classes as part of our homework requirements. As I sat in the back of the studio watching Onatah weave the practitioners in and out of the many layers of the body, my attention turned to a woman in the front row during savasana. There was something about her energy I could not put my finger on; I really felt like she was glowing from the inside out. Onatah guided the group out of savasana and invited them to sit down and prepare to seal the session. The woman sat up and made the sign of the cross before bringing her hands together gently in anjali mudra.

It was as if a lightbulb went off in my head and I thought to myself, “Ah-ha. There it is.” I got the confirmation I was searching for. I realized that yoga is about peaceful coexistence. Yoga invites me to see and honor everything around me, without judgment or ownership. When I was ready, this training and yoga – the practice of Embodyoga® specifically – gave me the space to practice my faith and do whatever it was that spoke to me. As long as I was doing it out of love, having both in my life could not be the wrong choice.

I am so blessed to have discovered Embodyoga® and to now have the opportunity to share this gift with the world. Namaste and Amen!

Learn more and register for a 2018 teacher training here.

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