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What is Embodyoga®? “The Movement of Life Force”

“Embodyoga® is a school of yoga that teaches us to imagine, sense, and feel our prana flow. The movement of life force in the body guides the movement of the physical body. We draw our attention to the areas in the body where life force may be stuck, or agitated, or sluggish. We also draw our attention to those areas where we feel strength, power, and radiance emanating. With loving attention and non-judgment, we inquire. We use the breath, fluid movement patterns, developmental movement, navel radiation, and ancient tools such as the Chakra system and meditation practice to experience release of our stuck places, smooth, balanced prana flow, and a sense of lightness and spaciousness. We use the teachings of yoga as a guide for living our lives.” – Sasha Rivera, 2016 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training graduate

If you want to delve deeper into Embodyoga®, click here to learn more about our Teacher Training and In-Depth Study programs. Our 2017 200-Hour Teacher Training begins March 18th!

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