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What is Embodyoga®? “The Principle of Yield”

“One foundation of Embodyoga® is the principle of yield. When we yield ourselves and our weight into the earth, everything becomes relational, and from there we can have a strong, grounded practice. It is a push and then a pull that brings strength and lifts us higher. Yield can also be brought into our everyday lives. When we aren’t grounded to the earth, and are unaware of our relationship to the earth, oftentimes we can feel lost. But when we can let ourselves yield and surrender to what life brings us, from there we can have the strength and awareness to go about life in a more grounded way. Yielding is also about coming home to ourselves; we go out into the world and then ground back into who we are.” – 2016 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training graduate

If you want to delve deeper into Embodyoga®, click here to learn more about our Teacher Training and In-Depth Study programs. Our 2017 200-Hour Teacher Training begins March 18th!

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