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What is Embodyoga®? “Embodied-Inquiry, Santosha, Viveka”

“In Embodyoga®, we move to and from core. We explore differentiation and integration within the body-mind system with equal amounts of reverence, because we believe you cannot fully embody one without also embodying the other. Foundational to Embodyoga® are Embodied-Inquiry, santosha, and viveka.

Embodied-Inquiry is a personal process of exploration and inquiry into who we are on both the individual and universal level.

Santosha—the commitment to finding contentment in and acceptance of what is, without inferring non-action—allows us to be fully present and curious about what we discover in our inquiries.

The practice of viveka enables us to be discerning in our explorations and, together with the radical self-acceptance of santosha, provides us with invaluable skills for the process of Embodied-Inquiry that we embark on when we practice Embodyoga®.” – Meegan Schreiber, 2016 200-Hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training graduate

If you want to delve deeper into Embodyoga®, click here to learn more about our Teacher Training and In-Depth Study programs. Our 2017 200-Hour Teacher Training begins March 18th!

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