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Gentle Yoga, Pranayama, Deep Rest, and Meditation

Winter is a time for going inward, but in our outward focused culture we rarely really take time to flow with the season and rest within. In this workshop Patty will lead a deeply restful practice and elucidate the philosophical framework that supports our inward journey. We will move from yoga postures, to yoga breathing techniques, to resting deeply in Yoga Nidra, and will finish with meditation. This workshop is for everyone. No previous experience is required.

Patty Townsend is the founder of Yoga Center Amherst and the developer of Embodyoga®. The Embodyoga® In-Depth Study, Training Programs and Therapeutic Program are the culmination of a lifetime of serious practice and inquiry into the depth of yoga.

She teaches with clarity, wisdom, and humor; while incorporating a journey into Self in movement, her teaching opens an exceptional and exciting new frontier in yoga.

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