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5:30pm – 6:30pm

Julie of Light Omega

$8 drop in or
1/2 of a class credit

“Our task…is to create a new unity of spirit and matter, to incorporate both into a life in which that which is sacred and that which is practical are one.”
– Julie

The ‘Way of Embodiment’ is the yoga of daily life, that which brings a unified consciousness between the human and the Divine into each moment and into each interaction. Such unity is a path of growth as well as an outcome of growth.  It is the way of creating a Divine center within oneself that can infuse all activities, no matter how ordinary they may seem. This happens through the power of intention combined with the power of light, a partnership that is the expression of the joining of the human and the Divine.

This class will include talks by Julie, discussions, and meditations based on Julie’s book Living Yoga: The Way of Embodiment, which is available in the YCA bookstore.  Drop-ins are welcome. However the series is best entered as a whole since each class builds on the ones before. No preparation is needed, only an open heart and a desire to learn.

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