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Youssoupha Sidibe at YCA

Tonight’s Kirtan will be a special blend of call and response chanting from the Sufi tradition, and a rich musical tapestry woven by a true master of his craft. Come to sing along to Sufi chants or just listen and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Kora.

Youssoupha’s music provides an entertaining cultural experience, celebrating and exploring the vitality of African culture, and appeals to audiences on many levels. Youssoupha attended the Senegalese Conservatory of Music where he developed a virtuosity as a Kora player, combining techniques from Western, Reggae, and African music. He is a Baay Faal Sufi and his music is an expression of his roots. He brings the spirit of Senegal, Africa with him wherever he goes. Read our interview to learn more, and we look forward to seeing you at Kirtan tonight!

Yoga Center Amherst: Who are you?

Youssoupha Sidibe: My name is Youssoupha Sidibe. I’m a Kora (African harp) player, from Senegal, West Africa.

YCA: What do you hope people take with them from the experience of your music?

YS: I hope that people have a transformational and healing experience from my music, and will remember it for a long time, to keep the healing vibration ongoing.

YCA: Does your music have a spiritual component?

YS: Yes, I’m from the Baay Faal Sufi community back in Senegal, and my music is based on our spiritual chanting and drumming.

YCA: What are some of the most powerful places your music journey has taken you?

YS: The most amazing places my music has taken me are Hawaii and Australia. I had unforgettable experiences there.

YCA: What would you say to someone who wants to pursue a career in music but doesn’t know where to start?

YS: I would say to someone who wants to pursue a career in music to first know what kind of instrument they want to play and master it, and learn basic marketing skills with all the online social media tools. The rest will be to be persistent and keep on playing.


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